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A Bite Between Blazes

Station Fire has burned nearly 219 square miles



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    Salvador Rivera
    Firefighters from the Sycuan Fire Department eat before returning to fight fires near Los Angeles.

    Local firefighters are part of a team battling the week-old Station Fire that has blazed through parts of the Angeles National Forest north of Los Angeles.

    Twenty-three firefighters from the Sycuan Fire Department were deployed to help, according to Salvador Rivera, a spokesman for the Sycuan Casino and Resort. After working for almost 12 hours, the crew took a quick break to eat a meal of bacon, eggs, bread and mashed potatoes at the base camp in Pacoima, which is near L.A., before heading back to the front lines.

    The fire is one of eight that has been burning across the state this week. So far, two Los Angeles County firefighters have been killed and 60 homes destroyed. Thousands have been forced to flee as the flames drew closer, with a plume of smoke dominating the skyline.

    On Wednesday, Carlton Joseph, a deputy incident commander, said he believed that humans caused the Station Fire, the largest in the state. Officials now believe more investigation is now needed before a definitive statement is released. It's still unclear if the blaze was an arson or accidental, but what is known is that the fire.