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A 'Beachy' Kind of Weekend

Weekend heat wave to be followed by rain and snow



    A 'Beachy' Kind of Weekend
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    Yay! Sun.

    This crazy roller coaster we call our weather has been in "dip mode" the last couple of days but as Friday progresses we're all moving back up, back toward the sunny side of the ride.  By tomorrow we'll be in the midst of a three-day heat wave.

    Low pressure moving by to our north brought us clouds, fog and markedly cooler temperatures yesterday and today. There was even a small chance we'd see a little moisture overnight - we didn't, and now the low is moving rapidly off to the east and is quickly being replaced by a pretty strong high pressure system.

    By Friday's sunset (which, by the way, should be just beautiful) we'll see mostly clear skies even though temperatures will remain on the mild side, 60s to low 70s.  As the high sets up over Northern Nevada however, we'll see a sort of Santa Ana condition develop.  The winds will be out of the northeast the next couple of days and could reach advisory strength.

    We're already seeing humidity levels drop in the mountains and deserts.  For example, at 2:00 this morning in Ranchita, located up in the high desert on the way to Borrego Springs, the relative humidity was 90%.  At 9:00 AM it was 20% and still falling and the winds  in that area were gusting as high as 41 mph earlier this morning but have since subsided quite a bit.  They are expected to pick up again tomorrow as the high pressure intensifies.

    Temperatures too will be picking up on Saturday, as much as 8-12 degrees in most areas this side of the mountains.  Today's high at Lindbergh Field should top out around 65; on Saturday it should be up around 77 and by Sunday it could hit 80.  The valleys will be even a couple of degrees warmer.

    By Monday, the high pressure starts to break down - the clouds and cooler temperatures return on Tuesday and by Wednesday night we could see some shower activity around the County.  This is forecasted to be a pretty cold, windy, wet storm and on Thursday we could see significant rainfall and even some snow in the mountains.