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93-Year-Old San Marcos Hitchhiker Gets Year's Supply of Chocolate for Love

Mike Cain and Rich Farmer's friendship has gone viral around the United States and on Monday they got a shopping spree at the 99 Cents Only store in San Marcos

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The story of Mike Cain, 93, and Rich Farmer has gotten national attention.

The 93-year-old San Marcos resident was hitchhiking from his retirement community in San Marcos two weeks ago. Rich Farmer stopped to give Cain a ride and was shocked when he learned that Cain was trying to go to the 99 Cents Only Store to get chocolate bars for his girlfriend, a nightly tradition the couple shares.

"I paused and I was like, 'Is that guy hitchhiking?' So, I made a U-turn, immediately went back and asked him if he was OK," Farmer told NBC 7 San Diego.

Cain and Farmer became friends and Farmer has taken Cain grocery shopping during the pandemic. Their story was shared on social media and even talked about on Saturday Night Live this past weekend.

"This is beyond, I’ve never had anything like this going on in my life," Cain said.

"The minute it hit the news, five minutes after that segment, within five minutes my phone was blowing up, people were posting it on Facebook. It was just incredible to see how many people just resonated with the story," Farmer said.

The friendship only began six days ago, but the story will touch your heart. NBC 7's Priya Sridhar has more.

Monday, Cain got a shopping spree at the 99 Cents Only Store in San Marcos and a year's supply of Hershey's bars for his love, Do Jerman.

"It’ll blow her away. She thought 35 was a lot, which is what we got before and now you get a whole year supply," Cain told NBC 7.

Cain said he's blown away by all the support from people all over, but says the biggest treasure of all is his new friendship with Farmer.

"I keep telling him, there aren’t that many Rich Farmers in the world, there can’t be and he goes out of his way with me. He went totally out of his way," Cain said.

Cain says he has no idea what he's going to do with all those chocolate bars, but he plans on giving some of them to Farmer.

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