90-Year-Old Woman Mistakenly Sent to Collections

Alpine resident Lillian Fisher says she was upset when she received a collections notice for a DirecTV bill she knew she had already paid.

“I was upset when I got the letter,” Lillian Fisher said. 

Lillian, a woman of many talents, said she doesn’t like being accused of not paying her bills. She said that’s what happened when she received a letter, claiming she owed more than $400 in late payments to DirecTV. 

“Your delinquent account has been turned over to this collection agency,” Lillian said the letter read. 

Lillian said she couldn’t believe she had been turned over to collections when she either pays with a check or through auto-pay, coming right out of her bank account. 

“I knew I didn’t owe anything, I always pay my bills as they come,” Lillian said. 

When Lillian called DirecTV, she said they told her to ignore the bill. Lillian said that didn’t sit well with her, given she didn’t know what to do with the collections notice. 

“I hope it’s just a mistake,” Lillian said. 

Lillian contacted NBC 7 Responds and we reached out to AT&T, the company that now owns DirecTV. 

AT&T researched the problem and Lillian said the company told her they found out the collections notice was technically correct, it was just sent to the wrong customer. Lillian’s bill was fine but she said her name was mixed up with another DirecTV customer. 

AT&T apologized for the mistake, the misdirected bill was forgotten and the collections agency has stopped contacting Lillian.

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