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9 Goats Found Dead, 52 Others Rescued form Jamul Property

CAS officers suspect the goats died from malnourishment.

Animal control officers have rescued more than 50 goats from a property in Jamul after receiving reports of possible deceased goats on the site.

County Animal Services (CAS) officers arrived at the property on Monday to find nine dead goats and 52 others alive, some severely underweight.

CAS officers suspect the goats died from malnourishment, and will have more information at the conclusion of their investigation. The living goats were seized from the property and taken to a CAS facility in Bonita.

In addition to malnourishment, officers say some of the goats are suffering from upper respiratory infections and overgrown hooves. One goat found lying down at the site was unable to get up on its own and CAS officers say it may not survive.

Multiple goats are pregnant, and one gave birth during the trip from the property to the county care facility.

The goats’ health will be monitored by veterinary staff at the facility where they will receive medical attention and food in order to regain weight.

The owner of the property has not been charged, but CAS officers say they could face criminal charges.

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