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8 Methods to Prevent Zika When Traveling: County

Take a look at the County's recommendations to avoid getting the Zika virus

With summer vacations underway, many San Diegans may visit Zika-affected areas and should take steps to protect themselves from the virus.

County officials have recommended eight tips to follow before, during and after your trip to an area impacted by Zika.

Before your trip, consider the following recommendations. If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, county officials would advise you to avoid areas that have been impacted by the virus and discuss travel plans with your doctor or health care provider.

All travelers should regularly check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for up-to-date information on the virus and travel recommendations.

Use insect repellent and wear appropriate clothing to protect yourself from mosquito bites, said county officials. Keep mosquitoes out and try to stay in places with air conditioning along with windows and door screens.

It's also helpful to use a bed net if air conditioning or screen rooms are not available, or if you're sleeping outdoors, said county officials.

If sexually active, use condoms or abstain from sexual activities entirely, according to the county.

Be sure to see your doctor, if you develop symptoms of Zika and you've traveled to an area impacted by the virus.

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