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7 San Diego CVS Pharmacies Offer Birth Control Pills Without Doctor's Prescription

California law now allows it, but do women know about it?

California law now allows women to get birth control pills without a doctor's prescription from pharmacies.

Before, women wishing to get contraception had to go to a doctor first, get a written prescription, then take it to a pharmacy. This cuts out a step in an effort to save time and make it easier for women to gain access to birth control.

But many women say they did not even know this was an option and still struggle to find pharmacies near them that offer these services. CVS has been piloting the program since April 2016. 

Seven CVS pharmacies in San Diego offer this program, according to a spokesperson.

120 locations, mostly in Los Angeles, are participating in this test program. If enough women have a demand for it, CVS will roll it out to more locations. 

Patients pay a $29 consultation fee. They receive a patient questionaire to fill out and then they have their blood pressure measured. 

Then there is "patient counseling by the pharmacist, and notification of the patient’s primary care provider," said Amy Lanctot, Senior Manager of Public Relations for CVS Health, in an email to NBC 7 Monday.  

"The process was established to assure patient safety and appropriateness for treatment," Lanctot added. 

Locals in La Jolla agreed on Monday that the service is a good thing. 

“I think it’s wonderful to have it available to all women,” said Dr. Heather Hofflich, an Endocrinologist at UC San Diego. “Birth control is a fantastic resource for women and I think it’s great they can get it through their pharmacy.” 

But some people disagree with the policy. One Facebook user said, "Women need an internal examination from an MD before getting birth control pills to make sure there are no other issues." 

The seven locations offering the services in San Diego are: 

3245 Sports Arena Blvd

San Diego


5680 Balboa Ave

San Diego


3030 Grape Street

San Diego


8915 Towne Centre Dr

San Diego


4445 Mission Blvd

San Diego


4949 Santa Monica Ave.

San Diego


5495 La Jolla Blvd

San Diego


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