7 Most Memorable Rain Videos in California

With a week of intense rainfall, Californians took to the streets to surf, boogie board and even float down a flooded roadway in an inflatable giant rubber duck.

Videos passed along on social media show the whimsical nature that people took with the stormy conditions – but also how much the rain impacted our normally dry region.

Here’s a look at the top seven most memorable rain videos from the past week.

First, we’ll start with the lighter captures.

With the pounding rain in Poway, one of our NBC San Diego producers dressed her dog in this little rain jacket…

Then, the Coachella Valley Twitter account tweeted this video of a surfer hitching a ride behind a truck as he made his way through a flooded street.

This video from our sister station, NBC LA, shows a boy having a great time boogie boarding down a roadway.

And who could forget the video of the rubber ducky float in Palm Springs?

Closer to home, There San Diego posted this video of floodwaters overtaking the Pacific Beach boardwalk and the video quickly went viral.

It was another scary situation when a car appeared to get swept away in floodwaters in Santa Clarita.

Then, off the Santa Cruz coast, a historic cement ship took a beating by the waves and stormy conditions, as seen in this video.

Did we miss a video? Let us know in the comments.

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