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$6.75M in Hash Oil, $2M Worth of Equipment Seized from Lemon Grove Lab

A dangerous hash oil lab discovered by DEA agents in Lemon Grove was the sixth such lab dismantled this month.

The DEA executed a search warrant Thursday at 7648 Lemon Avenue and found finished hash oil worth more than $6.75 million, more than $2 million worth of sophisticated lab equipment, and six 55-gallon drums of ethanol.

There was enough ethanol in the lab to cause extensive fire damage, the DEA said. Lemon Avenue was shut down for around 6 hours while San Diego County Hazmat removed it.

Two men, idnetified as Jared Hoffman and Adam Ledesma, were arrested at the building. The investigation is ongoing.

Hash oil is a THC product extracted from marijuana plants using highly flammable solvents like ethanol or butane.

A multi-million dollar hash oil operation was shut down in Lemon Grove, DEA agents raided a warehouse finding a pretty sophisticated hash oil lab. NBC 7's Jackie Crea has more.

The DEA said flammable solvent containers and odd chemical smells can be signs of hash oil labs operating nearby. Anyone who thinks they are aware of a lab in their neighborhood can call the DEA at (858) 616-4100.

No other information was available.

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Multi-Million Dollar Lemon Grove Hash Oil Lab

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