Car Flies 50 Feet Down Ravine in College Area

The car landed 50 feet down a ravine

A woman’s car went flying 50 feet down a ravine in San Diego’s College Area Wednesday after she reportedly hit a pothole.

The crash was reported just after 10:45 a.m. at 54th Street and Montezuma Road. The San Diego Police Department (SDPD) sent officers to the scene; the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department (SDFD) helped rescue the woman from the car. She is expected to survive, authorities said.

It is believe the woman struck a pothole, which caused her to lose control of her car and veer off the roadway.


Resident Armand Cantarini, who has lived in the area for 42 years, heard the commotion in his neighborhood and rushed outside to see what was happening.

“I heard all the sirens going off and a helicopter,” he told NBC 7.

Soon, he realized there had been a bad accident in the ravine. Cantarini said drivers frequently speed in that area, and more enforcement is needed.

“Just goes to show, they need to look for more of these potholes in the city,” he added, saying he has never seen a crash quite like this in his neighborhood.

No one else was hurt.

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