San Diego

511 Service Offers Relief for Commuters Before Hitting the Roads

Navigating around town can be a challenge, especially with the always changing construction zones.

There’s an easy tool that can help you get on your way.

“Everything is shown on the map.  I can see all the stations, all the roads,” said Mohammed Bokubar who uses the trolley line almost every day to get to school downtown. He’s one of many who relies on mass transportation.

The free phone and web service, 511, made up of privately owned tow trucks that patrol designated routes on congested urban California freeways, consolidates San Diego’s transportation information into a one-stop shop.

You can call or use the website, and it’ll give you up-to-the-minute traffic conditions; driving times; schedule, route and fare information for public transportation; carpool and vanpool referrals, as well as bike routes around the county.

In rainy conditions, nearly three dozen 511 crews patrol roadways in order to quickly respond to any problems that arise. 

The crews will fill up empty gas tanks, jump start cars or tow cars off the freeway for stranded drivers. 

It’s also an option for people who are new to the area or here visiting and giving mass transportation a try.

"It's one of the first things I look at when we go on a destination. I hate driving. Uber’s okay when you have to get to some specific location but mass transit is great to get from point “A” to “B” absolutely," explained R.J. Twiford who was visiting from Minnesota.

All you have to do is call “511” from your cell phone or visit the website,

The 511 call service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The service is an effort by SANDAG to relieve some of that congestion on the roads.

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