5,000 March Through Downtown SD for LGBTQ Rights

“Love is love! Hate ain’t great!”

Around 5,000 people took to the streets of downtown Sunday to march in support of LGBTQ rights.

Many of the marchers held up signs and pictures with the names of the 49 people killed at Pulse Nightclub a year ago Monday.

Laremy Smith told NBC 7 he was marching "to make sure that we don't take any step backwards. We've had to fight and we've lost so many people along the way to stigma and discrimination, higher rates of suicide and substance abuse because of intolerance, and I just refuse to take any steps back."

Assemblymember Todd Gloria spoke at the rally.

"We need to put this administration on notice and Congress that we won't accept that, that we will not go back into the closets," he said. 

About 100 marches and rallies were planned nationwide Sunday.

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