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50 Scientists Walk Into Bars Around San Diego to Answer Questions

The Fleet Science Center is hosting the event

What do you get when two scientists walk into a bar? The Fleet Science Center is answering that question with their quarterly event Thursday. 

50 scientists from biology to geology to computer science gathered in 25 bars around San Diego to answer scientific questions from the public. 

The free event is part of the Fleet Science Center's "Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar" series to promote science education. 

"It lets the public know that scientists are human too and come in all different forms," said Eric Meyer, a wildlife biologist. "The questions might also give scientists ideas for research in their own fields." 

The event starts in most bars at 5:30 p.m. from Chula Vista to Barrio Logan to Poway.  

"There's a lot of fascinating things going on in science right now," said Meyer. "One thing is 3-D printing of replacement organs for people." 

For a full list of the locations and times that you can ask a researcher science-related questions, click here

"It's a really interesting discussion about the challenges we face as a society and how we can solve them by thinking and talking together," Meyer added. 

If you could ask any scientist one question, what would it be? 

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