Water Restored to 53 Customers in Linda Vista

Water has been restored to more than 50 customers in Linda Vista after a pipe burst during a construction project Tuesday night. 

Some customers were without water for 12 hours as water flooded the street. 

Crews worked to clean up the mess Wednesday morning and get the water back on for the homes in the neighborhood.

Fortunately, the mud and water stayed outside everyone's house.

"A lot of fresh water coming down that road, which is really depressing to know how much we need our water here to see it just going down the gutter," homeowner Scott Avenell told NBC 7.

A contractor was doing work on a sewer at Comstock and Osler Tuesday. The work exposed a 30-inch water main and blew out an 8-inch pipe.

The San Diego County Water Authority said 53 homes were affected by the break.

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