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5 Weirdest Things We Found in the San Diego County Fair Lost and Found

Every year, thousands of people come out to enjoy the San Diego County Fair at the Del Mar Fairgrounds; but that also makes thousands of opportunities for people to lose their property.

At the Lost and Found through the fair's Guest Services, there are hundreds of items. Besides standard lost property like keys, jewelry and jackets, there are some bizarre items as well.

Here is a list of the five weirdest things we found in the lost and found:

1. A Full Luggage Set

According to Gail Tompkins of Guest Services, five pieces of high quality luggage were brought to the lost and found. All of them were empty, except for one that had a pillow stuffed inside of it.

2. Seven Lost Strollers

"This is a high number, most years we only get three or so," said Tompkins. "Our only guess is when parents are loading their children into the car, mom thinks dad has it and dad thinks mom has it and before you know it, it's left behind."

3. A British Merman

A small Christmas ornament of a male mermaid with a tail that has a British flag pattern in it was left at the lost and found. The merman is also holding a glass of wine, "as all mermen should," according to a giggling Tompkins.

4. Fuzzy Hats

An assortment of hats with fake fur coming out of the top have been left behind most years that the fair has been around. Tompkins said she is not sure why people where them, or how they lose them.

5. A Microwave

"This was out near the stables and brought to us by dispatch on the second day of the fair," said Tompkins. "Nobody has claimed it."

The black microwave appears to be fully functional.

All items that are not claimed by the end of the fair on July 4th get donated to a local thrift store.

If you lost something at the fair, you can call guest services at (858) 794-1124.

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