$46 Million?! Gulp! BIG Gulp!

Store Owner Reacts to Mega Millions News

The man who owns the Pacific Beach 7-Eleven store where someone bought a Mega Millions ticket worth $46 million says he thinks he knows the winner but he’s not naming names.

Store owner Palvinder Hundal says he saw the man who bought the ticket while reviewing video with lottery officials.

"I think the guy used to come here once in a while, I know him by face," said Hundal, who became owner of the store three years ago, "I think he picked the numbers and I saw the video he did play for two dollars."

For his part, Hundal expects a check of more than $200,000 because the ticket was purchased at his store.

"It's a really lucky day and a lucky year for me," Hundal said, "The way they say ‘Thank heaven for 7-Eleven,’ this is the truth for me, too.”

Hundal plans to buy a car and start a college fund for his kids with his take of the winnings.

Meantime, people who frequent the store are having fun guessing who might have the winning ticket.

"I play here all the time and I was sort of shocked when I came over here and saw that somebody had won," said regular customer Brian Court.

"I'm so lucky I'm gonna go surfing right now," said another regular.

The winning ticket had the numbers 2, 11, 19, 21, and 34, as well Mega number 38.  It was sold at the 7-Eleven outlet at Cass and Beryl streets.

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