4-Year-Old Nearly Drowns at Yacht Club Pool

A boy was in critical condition Wednesday after nearly drowning at a yacht club pool, according to San Diego police.

The 4-year-old child was found Tuesday evening floating and unconscious in the pool at the San Diego Yacht Club on Shelter Island.

Families were gathered there having a kindergarten pool party.

"It was terrible to see," said witness Sean Rogers, who said the boy's complexion was blue when he was pulled from the water. How long he had been under is unknown.

Terry Anglin, General Manager of the San Diego Yacht Club said a lifeguard and a parent who is a former lifeguard helped in the rescue.

Emergency personnel arrived and took the child to UCSD Medical Center.

"You just hope everyone is OK and that no one is permanently harmed or critically injured," said James Fink, a witness.

San Diego police are investigating the incident. They say the pool was full of kids but only had one lifeguard. The floating boy was first spotted by someone other than the lifeguard, officers say.

The party was an end of the year celebration, hosted by a member of the club who had a child in kindergarten. The name of the school has not been released.

Anglin said the club will be assisting local authorities to determine what happened and sent a message to the boys' family.

"Our hearts go out to the family and to those that were gathered with them," Anglin said.

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