4 Arrested in Bloody Trolley Stabbing

The fight left two men with stab wounds

Four suspects have been charged in a bloody stabbing caught on camera that sent a San Diego trolley into chaos last month.

Alex Cuin, 21; Arther Granillo, 18; Armando Reyes, 18; and Christopher Garcia, 19, have all face assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm, stemming from a knife fight on Nov. 9.

San Diego police say an argument sparked between the four men as they rode the trolley near the 47th Street station. As the fight escalated, one suspect pulled out a knife and stabbed two of those involved, though investigators did not say which man held the weapon and which were injured.

A video posted to YouTube — later disabled by the user — showed passengers screaming and scrambling away from the fight that left a "bloody mess," police say.

The suspect with the knife ran off from the 47th Street station when the trolley stopped. One of the injured men had three stab wounds on his torso and wrist. The other was stabbed once in the chest.

Over the past few weeks, investigators gathered evidence, identified their suspects and began their arrests.

Granillo was the first to go into police custody on Nov. 26, followed by Cuin the next day. Garcia was arrested on Dec. 1, and Reyes was booked into jail on Dec. 9.

The SDPD says it will not release any more information at this time.

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