3 U.S. Citizens Killed in Baja California: Report

NBC San Diego has just learned three U.S. citizens have been murdered in Baja California in the past month. One victim was reportedly ambushed by attackers in front of his two children.

According to TijuanaPress.com -- all three victims were men, shot to death just south of the San Ysidro border crossing. One was reportedly a San Diego native.

TijuanaPress.com says the first victim was 26-year-old Antonio Acevedo from San Diego.
He was allegedly shot to death on April 30th in an area north of Rosarito -- his two children were said to be in the car when he was ambushed by his attackers.

His children escaped unharmed.

Acevedo is said to have worked for Elite security -- often as a guard at baseball and football games at local stadiums.

Mexican officials told TijuanaPress.com they believe drug traffickers confused Acevdeo with a rival.

The second victim, identified in the press report as David Garcia, was shot multiple times outside the Pueblo Amigo Hotel near the San Ysidro border crossing on May 3rd.

On May 22, 27-year-old Artemio Gonzalez, Jr. was also shot to death in the parking lot of Bar Dubai -- a popular upscale dance club.

Twelve bullet casings were found at the scene.

And while the circumstances and motives in the three cases remain unclear, so far, according to the report it doesn't appear the victims' nationality was a factor in their murders.

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