San Diego

3 Lions From Entertainment Industry Brought to Alpine Animal Sanctuary

Three big cats that spent their lives in the entertainment industry will retire in the Lions Tigers & Bears animal sanctuary in Alpine.

The animals were brought to San Diego from Los Angeles earlier this week, according to Bobbi Brink, founder and director of Lions Tigers & Bears.

“They get a proper home, and the owner gets to walk away knowing he did the right thing," said Brink.

It is the first white lion species to come to the sanctuary. The sanctuary is building a brand new habitat for them, said Brink. They are in quarantine for the moment.

“We’ve been working a year and a half with their owners to find them a safe retirement,” said Brink. “We don’t know much about their past other than they’re trained animals most probably used for circuses, advertisements, movies, things like that.”

The lions will be introduced to the public for the first time at a Lions Tigers and Bears fundraiser on May 20.

Besides the white lions there are 60 other rescued animals and 17 different species in the sanctuary, said Brink.

Visitors can schedule an appointment on the Lion Tigers & Bears website to view the sanctuary’s exotic animals in an educational environment.  

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