San Diego

3 Chinese Men Found Inside Trunk at San Ysidro Border Crossing: CBP

The driver of the car concealing the Chinese nationals will face federal charges

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers seized $5.7 million worth of drugs and discovered three men crammed into a trunk over the weekend.

A CBP officer found three Chinese nationals inside a vehicle's trunk at the San Yisdro border crossing on Friday, Dec. 8, at about 7:50 a.m. Officers pulled the men from the trunk and transported them to a secure location.

The driver, a woman with Mexican nationality, will face federal charges, according to the CBP. 

CBP officers confirmed the Chinese men were not authorized to enter the United States. They will face removal from the country after the criminal proceedings conclude.

In various locations, CBP officers found narcotics in vehicle parts such as the floor, gas tank, tires and strapped to bodies.

In the San Diego and Imperial Valley Counties, officers confiscated 350 pounds of methamphetamine, 134 pounds of cocaine, 30 pounds of heroin, 78 pounds of fentanyl and 135 pounds of marijuana.

The drugs were worth an estimated total of $5.7 million, according to CBP.

“CBP officers on a daily basis exude vigilance and service to country,” said Pete Flores, Director of Field Operations for CBP in San Diego, in a statement. “These apprehensions showcase CBP’s efforts in safeguarding America’s borders.”

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