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3 Men Stabbed in Lakeside

Sheriff's are on the hunt for the suspects



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    Three men are recovering after being stabbed at a Lakeside apartment complex early Tuesday morning.

    The attack happened at about 1:45 a.m., outside the Villa Lakeshore Apartments on Lakeshore Drive.

    All three victims were males in their 20's. Deputies said it appears it was a fight that involved several people.

    One witness says after the confrontation, one of the suspects jumped into a nearby lake to get away.

    Stabbing Witness Takes Down Suspect (Strong Language!!)

    [DGO] Stabbing Witness Takes Down Suspect (Strong Language!!)
    A man describes how he caught one of the suspects who allegedly stabbed his brother.
    (Published Tuesday, Aug. 17, 2010)

    Detectives said one victim had serious stab wounds, while the other two were not life threatening.

    The Sheriff's department has not taken any suspects into custody.

    "It is a matter of trying to put together all of the statements from the witnesses and talk to the victim and putting the stories together," said San Diego Sheriff Sgt. Herbert Taft.

    A victim's brother witnessed the attack. He said he fought with one of the suspects before the deputies arrived on the scene.

    "I kicked the knife out of his hand, it fell into the grass, I grabbed him by his neck, he said here is my money, take my money, I said I don't want your money, you stabbed my brother and I started choking him out," said the victim's brother Richard Thomas.

    Detectives are putting together suspect descriptions. They are also trying to figure out the reason for the confrontation.