Other Jet Crash Victims Waiting for Compensation

Sunny Wu lost her home in 2008

While one family received a settlement on Wednesday for a military jet crash that killed their relatives, another family is still waiting for compensation from the military after losing their home in the crash.

Sunny Wu recalls the day she watched her house burn down on TV.

“I already cannot control myself.  I cannot remember anything. I just know that everything was gone,” said Wu.

Her garage door was the only thing left standing.

“I don't have anything left,” said Wu.

While Wu lost all of her belongings, no one in her family lost their life that day.

Tragically, four of her neighbors were home on the day of the crash. Young Mi Yoon, 36, Grace, 15 months, Rachel, 2 months and Suk Im Kim, 60, perished when one of the engines on a FA-18-D Hornet died as a student Marine pilot headed to MCAS Miramar.

Don Yoon was at work at the time. He lost his entire family.

“I have no idea what their case, their suffering. But for me, I'm so disappointed for the government. Three years already. Still zero,” said Wu.

Wu's insurance replaced her home last year. But she's hoping the military will compensate for their lost property and reimburse for the two years of rent they paid. She says she's filed all the proper paperwork.
“So far the military didn't pay me back any penny,” said Wu.

Images of the crash still play in Wu's head. She says her husband was traumatized by the accident and now he can't work. Wu is handling the finances and putting this case on her shoulders.

“For the last three years I'm so depressed, but todays even more depressing, because they bring back all those horrible feelings and images,” said Wu.

Wu's last resort is getting the courts involved, but she says that will likely happen next year.

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