28 Tons of Drugs Burn in Tijuana

Federal officials set fire to the drugs at the Aguaje de la Tuna military base

Amy Isackson

More than 28 tons of drugs were set on fire south of the border Wednesday, according to a local journalist who covers border issues.

Federal officials, at the Aguaje de la Tuna military base in Tijuana, pushed the red button that ignited the drugs which were doused with fuel, said journalist Amy Isackson.

The pile of drugs included 28 tons of marijuana, 629 kilos of cocaine, 19 kilos of methamphetamine and 165 grams of crystal.

“The drugs are the product of numerous drug seizures in the state of Baja California,” said Isackson.

They’re worth more than $26 million.

“The Mexican military does drug burns like these periodically when the drugs are no longer needed for an investigation,” said Isackson. “A lot of pomp and circumstance always accompany the drug burns. The military band plays.”

The amounts of cocaine and methamphetamine seized so far in 2011 in the state of Baja California have far surpassed last year's totals, Mexican military officials told Isackson.


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