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22-Year-Old Texts Dad for Help During Home Invasion Robbery in Escondido

The woman's father said the suspect had approached his daughter a few weeks ago, claiming to be looking for a woman named Lisa

A 22-year-old woman texted her dad for help after hearing an intruder inside the family's home in San Diego's North County, police confirmed.

According to Escondido police, the woman heard someone inside the home around 12 p.m. Tuesday and sent a text to her dad, who called 911.

Anthony Torres, the woman's father told NBC 7 that a man had come over to their home on the 100 block of East 6th Avenue in Escondido a few weeks ago and had scoped out the house.

Torres said the man claimed to be looking for a woman named Lisa and spoke with his daughter.

"[The man] went for the gate again she told him 'no you need to leave,'" Torres told NBC 7.

He added, "to find out it was the same person two weeks later, it's a little bit scary."

Torres said his daughter came down to the kitchen Tuesday afternoon and saw the door knob to the front door turning. She hid on the top shelf of a closet and sent a text to him to call 911.

"At that point, it was pretty much try and stay in control, pretty much don't feed into the emotional aspect of what's going on," Torres said, describing the moments after receiving the text.

When officers arrived at the home, they saw the suspect leaving and arrested him.

By the time Torres said he got home, the scene had been cleared.

"It started hitting me, well, 'Is she okay? Is she freaking out?'" he said. "Then at that point I started getting emotional. The terror she must have felt hiding in the closet, wondering if this person could find her at anytime."

He added that he was proud of his daughter for her quick actions to hide herself and message him for help.

"I don't think he was here to steal anything because there were so many things he could have taken and nothing was touched," Torres told NBC 7.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in the incident, police said. The suspect left the house with only a lighter.

Torres added that if the suspect isn't charged, he is worried the man could come back.

He also added that the incident was a good reminder for him and for his neighbors to lock their doors.

"Need to be aware and keep eye out for each other," he said.

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