Mission Valley

21 Dogs Taken From Home During Eviction

The owner gave up her dogs, Animal Services says

Deputies preparing to evict a San Diego woman had to call for a special kind of backup when they discovered 21 dogs living in the home.

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department requested help from county Animal Services officers Thursday as they told the woman to leave her Shelltown home. She gave up her dogs, according Animal Services Lt. Kalani Hudson.

Officers took the pets back to their Mission Valley facility, where they are being evaluated by veterinarians. Hudson said the dogs range in age and breed, and all suffer from medical or husbandry issues.

“The dog’s conditions vary from being matted and ear infections to cherry eye or other minor medical issues,” said Hudson.

County officials will be looking into possible criminal charges against the owner.

Since the case is ongoing, none of the animals are available for adoption.

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