2018 Winter Olympics Venues Nearly Complete

South Koreans hoping to avoid construction delays of past Olympics

South Korea still has its work cut out in preperation for the 2018 Winter Olympics, but there are no concerns about the actual competition venues.

The 12 stadiums and arenas, hosting everything from figure skating to ski jumping, are estimated at 97 percent complete.

Unlike the last winter games in Sochi Russia, where workers rushed to complete construction in the days prior to the opening ceremony, or the Summer Olympics in Rio, where some of the work never got finished at all, organizers in Pyeongchang, South Korea made sure the venues were ready well ahead of time.

South Koreans also want to make sure their venues don't follow the same path as other recent host cities and turn into vacant eye sores once the Olympic Spotlight stops shining.

For instance, the Figure Skating arena will turn into a recreational facility after the games.

The host country still has infrastructure work to be finished to shore up transportation concerns.

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