2,000 Trees Planted Along San Diego River Trail in Santee

Two thousand trees were planted along The San Diego River Trail in Santee early Monday.

Special Section: Local Business Spotlight

The San Diego River Park Foundation worked in partnership with the City of Santee to plan the marathon planting event.

The elderberry, lemonade berry and oak trees planted by volunteers at the Walker Preserve will be part of a trail system to be used by hikers, walkers, joggers and mountain bikers.

Keith Wilson, President and Chief Scientist of Takeda California, said the company was inspired by a desire to do good and decided to donate employees’ time for the project.

“We all live in this area and we want it to be beautiful not only for ourselves but for future generations,” Wilson said.

The bio-tech company executive said the number of trees planted was 20 times more than Takeda used in paper the previous work year.

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