200 Teens Involved in Brawl

About 200 teenagers brawled in Spring Valley and assaulted two security guards overnight, investigators said.

The brawl broke just before 11 p.m. at the Spring Valley Community Center on Jamacha Blvd.

“Two armed security guards were calling for assistance and screams were heard over their phone,” Sgt. David Pocklington said.

When deputies arrived they found a large group of juveniles, 15 to 18 years of age, fighting in the parking lot. Deputies had to radio for help from other police agencies, sheriff's officials said.

The teens dispersed slowly at the deputies' orders, but kept fighting in various locations, Pocklington said. Deputies asked that other area police agencies rush to the scene to help break up the crowd.

“Two security guards were assaulted during the incident but were otherwise unharmed,” Pocklington said.

The fight may have been gang-related.

"Overcrowding and a lack of security are also believed to have been a contribution factor," Pocklington said.

He said authorities would follow up with event organizers to prevent a recurrence.

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