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20 Local High School Students Competing for Chance at National High School Musical Theatre Awards

Poway's Jackie Foster competed in the first-ever Broadway San Diego Awards, and she'll be there to cheer them on this weekend.

Twenty local high school students will be singing their hearts out on Saturday, competing for a chance to go to the prestigious National High School Musical Theatre Awards in New York. 

The students are following in the footsteps of Poway's Jackie Foster, a recent contestant on NBC's "The Voice." Before rocking it out as a member of Team Alicia, Foster competed in the first-ever Broadway San Diego Awards. 

"Competing in the Broadway San Diego Awards was incredible," Foster told NBC 7. 

Like all the contestants, Foster had to perform two solos and the big group number.

It's something Foster said helped her get ready for week after week of competing on "The Voice."

"Anytime I step on stage is an opportunity for me to become further comfortable with the stage," she said. "So I definitely think that Broadway San Diego has helped me prepare for this moment." 

Joey Landwehr, the artistic director of the Broadway San Diego Awards, remembers Foster from back in the day - and he remembers her passion, too. 

"She always had that spark, even since, like, the very first day I met her,"Landwehr said. 

She was a true pro, even in high school, Landwehr said. When she came in for rehearsal years ago, she brought her A-game. 

"She came in and we were working on her piece, and not only did she give her all, but she took her direction well," he recalled.

She had a certain spark, Landwehr said, and he sees that in many of this year's competitors as well. 

"Every once in awhile, you’ll see that little glint in their eye at the very first time, and you know there’s something special there," Landwehr said.

As the competitors get ready to sing their best, Foster is once again using her voice to cheer them on. She will be at the Broadway San Diego Awards on Saturday night to sing and offered them some advice. 

"For anybody that’s competing in this year’s Broadway San Diego Awards, I just really encourage them – be the best version of yourself," Foster said. "Go up there, and whatever you do, just enjoy the moment.”

The Broadway San Diego Awards are on Saturday night at The Balboa Theatre. For more information, click here. 

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