2 Women Shot in Little Italy Attempted Robbery

Little Italy is usually a well-lighted area and not a place police typically see this type of crime

A woman shot two sisters after trying to rob them in Little Italy Sunday.

The attempted robbery happened around 10 p.m. on Kettner Boulevard and Date Street.

The woman was holding a gun when she approached three women and demanded their purses twice.

Before the victims could even respond, the woman fired one shot. The bullet hit one victim, described as 24 years old, in the arm. The same bullet struck that victim's older sister in the stomach.

"We heard one shot, then basically a lot of screaming and a lot of chaos," said Little Italy resident Matt Chalk. 

The woman who fired the shot ran away empty-handed.

San Diego Police investigators were not only surprised about where the incident happened but also how quickly it happened.

“This happened even before the victims had a chance to even hand anything over,” Lt. Paul Phillips said. “There was no chance for them to even comply. That’s what’s scary about this.”

Others were just as surprised that the shooting happened just a block from India Street, a popular thoroughfare known for its outdoor dining and family-friendly atmosphere.

"Overall I felt pretty safe," Patricia Solorzno said her neighborhood. "I walk the dog three times a day. Sometimes it's dark out. I haven't really felt like there would be any danger."

But when asked if this shooting changes her feelings, Solorzno said, "It will definitely make me more cautious."

Investigators were on the scene for hours last night, collecting evidence and trying to piece together what happened.

The shooter was described as in her 20s, 5-foot, 4-inches tall, 135 pounds with dark hair and wearing a dark, furry jacket.

She left the area in a late 90s Astro Van driven by a man with a shaved head.

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