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2 San Diego Residents Turned a Combined 208 Years Old

One turned 100 last month, and the other turned 108 on Thursday

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Two women in the Southbay celebrated turning a combined 208 years old on Thursday. Both live in the same acute care facility in Chula Vista. One turned 100 last month, and the other turned 108 on Thursday.

The South Bay Post Acute Care Facility hosted a drive-through parade for family and friends Thursday morning. Dozens of cars passed by, honking their horns, holding signs and balloons. Several Chula Vista Police officers also drove their patrol cars through, with their lights on and said “Happy Birthday” over the intercom.

None of the 95 residents have seen their loved ones since the COVID-19 crisis began in March. So, the celebration is a big deal for both the residents and their families.

The woman who turned 100 last month is Levada Stuart. She has Alzheimer’s and is not cognitively aware.

Lupita Rodriguez turned 108 Thursday. NBC 7 talked to her daughter about her mother’s life.

Rodriguez says she is a social person with love for entertaining, and up until she moved to the Chula Vista care facility at 97, she lived by herself in the Bronx. Rodriguez is a single mother of five kids. Her daughter attributes her longevity to profound faith and calm temperament.

“She always says why I get angry? When you get over it, you forget what you were angry about. But if not, you do so much damage to your soul and your organs. The best way to deal with people who are angry and aggressive is to ignore them. She even did that with us growing up,” Moraima Simmons said.

So what’s the secret to being healthy at 108 years old?

Simmons said her mother was active her whole life, never smoked, and always followed dinner with a half glass of red wine.

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