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2 Pedestrians Struck by Cars at Same Point on Poway Roadway

A Ramona man was struck and killed Tuesday at a Poway intersection where his wife struck a pedestrian in a separate collision.

Robert Tockstein, 69, was rushed to the hospital where he later died from his injuries. 

Tockstein was struck near a curve of Twin Peaks Road near Midland Road, San Diego County Sheriff's Department Lt. Chris Collier said. 

First, Tockstein's wife struck a pedestrian who was crossing the road while walking his dog. She called her husband and he came to the scene to be with her while deputies investigated the crash.

Tockstein was crossing the same road, he was struck by another oncoming vehicle, Collier said.

The crashes both happened at about 8 p.m., within minutes of each other, Collier said.

Tockstein's wife told NBC 7 that Thursday was the couple's 50th wedding anniversary. 

The first pedestrian was transported to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries. 

Both drivers stayed at the scene and alcohol does not appear to be a factor in either crash, Collier said. There were no arrests made. 

Nearby resident Juan Chavez told NBC 7 that drivers often speed on both roads.

"It's terrible we have kids who walk home there, we have people trying to enjoy themselves on a walk in the morning and evening and they're standing there trying to cross the street," Chavez said.

Tockstein's wife said she was not driving fast at the time of the crash but agreed that speed is an issue on the road.

The cause of both crashes has not yet been determined. 

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