2 More Dead Parrots Found Outside Point Loma Church on Easter Sunday

Two parrots were found dead on Easter Sunday outside a Point Loma church and authorities are continuing their investigation into the string of bird shootings plaguing the Ocean Beach and Point Loma areas.

The parrots will be evaluated Wednesday to confirm the cause of death, said Dan DeSousa, deputy director of San Diego County Department of Animal Services.

Meanwhile, animal control officers canvassed the neighborhood where the birds were found, but have so far not tracked down any leads.

The parrots were found outside All Souls Episcopal Church on Catalina Boulevard on Sunday, The San Diego Reader reported.

In the last month, seven parrots, identified as endangered Lilac Crowned Amazons and Red Masked Conures, have been found dead in neighborhoods in OB and Point Loma. Five of those were killed by BB's and pellets fired from air guns.

A reward of $6,500 has been offered for information leading to the arrest of the suspect or suspects.

San Diego police are investigating the string of parrot shootings as an animal cruelty case and anyone with information should contact them.

Killing an endangered bird is a federal crime and could be punishable with jail time and $20,000 fine.

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