Wily Monkeys Break Out of San Diego Zoo Habitat

For a few, glorious moments, freedom belonged to two small monkeys who escaped their habitat at the San Diego Zoo on Friday.

The two Wolf's guenons somehow found a way out of their enclosure at the zoo’s Ituri Forest area — the first time they had been in that open-air habitat, a spokesperson said.

Visitors were asked to leave the area while staff hunted for the crafty creatures, which were caught a short time later.

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They are both under veterinary observation at the zoo’s hospital.

Wolf's guenons, which the zoo’s website describes as “cheeky fellows,” come from western and central Africa, native to different types of forests. The primate, which does not look much like a wolf, was named for the person who first described them, according to the website.

At the San Diego Zoo, caretakers placed them in a lush, open-air habitat that is home to a number of animals.

Zoo officials say the monkeys will be heading back to their prior, more secure exhibit with the hippos on Saturday.

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