2 Medical Students Killed in Crash Mourned at UC San Diego

DUI Suspect in wrong-way crash will be arraigned from hospital room

Two UC San Diego students killed in a wrong-way crash on State Route 163 had just completed their second year of medical school the day before they died, school officials said.

New details emerged on Tuesday in the tragic crash early Saturday morning that claimed the lives of Anne Li Baldock, 24, and Madison Elizabeth Cornwell, 23.

Baldock, Cornwell and three other medical students were in a Toyota Prius hit head on by a vehicle driven by 21-year-old Jason Riley King. The crash happened at about 1:30 a.m. on SR-163 in Mission Valley.

The three others were injured in the crash, officers said.

On Tuesday, Baldock and Cornwell were being remembered at UC San Diego for their potential and humanitarian efforts.

On their final day of class, Baldock and Cornwell had talked about the humanistic, uplifting and positive reasons for being a doctor, said Maria Savoia, the school’s dean for medical education.

Savoia described Cornwell as upbeat and positive. She planned to head to Malawi, Africa, to help treat malnourished children.

As for Baldock, she was one of the smartest students in class, but also humble, Savoia said.

Baldock was interested in neuroscience and was also doing neuro-surgical research before she was killed.

“These two young women would have made wonderful doctors and a great difference in the world,” Savoia said. “It’s a loss for us personally, but it’s a much bigger loss.”

The wrong-way driver, King, was believed to be intoxicated at the time of the crash, officers said.

A Marine at MCAS Miramar with the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, he faces charges of DUI and vehicular manslaughter.

In a statement, a Miramar spokeswoman said the Marine Corps is taking the matter seriously.

“The Marine's actions are not in keeping with the good order and discipline demanded of a U.S. Marine, and he will be appropriately held accountable for his actions,” Capt. Melanie Salinas wrote in a statement.

King, who also suffered injuries in the crash, will be arraigned Wednesday from hospital room.

Meanwhile, a private memorial will take place also Wednesday for Baldock and Cornwell.

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