2 Marijuana Dispensaries Raided by SDPD

Kush Factory and The Healing Center were the targets of search warrants from San Diego police and the City Attorney's Office.

Four people were arrested at one of two pot dispensaries raided Thursday by San Diego police. 

The San Diego Police Department’s Narcotics Unit served search warrants at two dispensaries they said were operating illegally. 

The Healing Center at 7920 Arjons Drive and Kush Factory at 6790 Top Gun Street were the targets of the warrants.

Four people working at The Healing Center were arrested and issued misdemeanor citations, police said. 

Officers also seized approximately 30 pounds of marijuana, $37,000 in cash, multiple types of edibles and concentrated cannabis. Officials also took business records from the dispensary. 

The Kush Factory was closed for renovation. Officers said the business records seized will lead them to the owner who will be charged with operating an illegal business as well as the sale of marijuana.

Police and the city attorney's office have now closed down more than 60 dispensaries since they began a targeted crackdown last March, Lt. Matt Novak said.

"The goal is to eliminate all illegal marijuana businesses, whether it be dispensaries, delivery services, [or] any other businesses that might try to open illegally without going through the city's legal permitting process for marijuana businesses," said SDPD Lt. Matt Novak, who oversees the Narcotics Unit.

He said relentless civil and criminal prosecution appear to be working. But some illegal marijuana dispensaries are still reaping the benefits, making up to $15,000 a day.

"And they don't pay taxes, they don't have to pay the permitting fees, they don't have to adhere to a lot of the rules that the legal process makes them do," added Novak.

Police officials said the narcotics unit is working with the City Attorney’s office to investigate marijuana businesses including delivery services and dispensaries operating illegally within city limits.

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