State Investigates Fair Ride

Inspection team to determine whether malfunction was fault of operator or mechanics.

State inspectors are looking into a ride that injured two individuals at the San Diego County Fair on Tuesday.

The ride, Techno Power, has been shut down until the investigation is complete, said Patricia Ortiz from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

OSHA is in charge of the investigation, as it involves an employee.

A teenage girl suffered scrapes and bruises and the ride’s operator was taken to a nearby hospital with head injuries. A woman claiming to be the ride operator's aunt wrote on her facebook page Tuesday that her nephew is still in the hospital with injuries to his head. She wrote that hospital staff kept him overnight Tuesday to watch for swelling or bleeding in his brain.

A safety official said the ride had come to a stop and riders were about to dismount when the ride started moving again, causing the two injuries.

OSHA will review the ride operation and check for any mechanical or operator errors. They will also check for maintenance records and manufacturer recommendation to ensure that the ride’s safety standards were up-to-date.

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