San Diego

2 Escape Boat Fire Off Dana Point in Mission Bay

A lifeguard on a nearby boat got to them quickly and brought the men to shore.

Two people suffered burn injuries when an explosion in the engine room sent their boat up in flames off Dana Landing in Mission Bay Thursday.

Two men were treated on land after the explosion threw them off the boat just after 3 p.m., San Diego Fire-Rescue Department officials said. 

A lifeguard on a nearby boat got to them quickly and brought the men, a 44 and 27-year-old, to shore.

The older man suffered second and third-degree burns while the younger man suffered second-degree burns. Both were taken to the hospital.

There was an explosion in the engine room, the victims told firefighters.

It was described as small, but powerful enough to knock them off the boat.

If it weren't for the engine cover, the fireball may have been more devastating, one victim said.

The explosion occurred near a refueling station, SDFD said. It was unclear if the sailors were on their way to refuel or had just filled up.

Lifeguards were able to tow the boat to shore, allowing firefighters to hose down the flames from shore.

The boat was going to be towed to a salvage yard, firefighters said.

The men were taking the boat on a test run after just having mechanical work done on it, SDFD said.

Fuel likely burned off before it was able to leak into the bay, firefighters said.

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