2 Dogs Rescued from Thailand Meat Trade Looking for Forever Homes at Local Shelter

Cinderella and Leanne, two of 750 dogs rescued by the Soi Dog Foundation in Buriram, Thailand.

Two dogs rescued from Thailand’s dog meat market have come to a local shelter to find forever homes.

Cinderella and Leanne, two of 750 dogs rescued by the Soi Dog Foundation in Buriram, Thailand, were brought to the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe.

The dogs, both female “Thai cross breeds”, are currently undergoing treatment at the Woodward Center. The Center says they are in need of special long-term foster homes to help with socialization and to provide a safe place to stay while they recover and get continued treatment.

“Leanne is waiting for knee surgery now,” Center veterinarian Dr. Oba said. “It’s too soon to tell how much recovery time she will need, but both dogs are in good hands with us and we will make sure they get everything they need to live happy, healthy lives.”

The Soi Dog Foundation, created in 2003, is dedicated to serving homeless, neglected and abused dogs of Asia, but expanded its focus to include dogs victimized by the “Trade of Shame” in 2011. Now the foundation works together with the governments of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam to enforce and strengthen legislation related to the trade.

In Thailand, the foundation employs undercover agents to find smugglers, butchers and tanneries within the country.

Most of the 750 dogs rescued from the trade are currently being sheltered in Thailand, but with no government budget dedicated to the care of rescued animals, many are suffering in livestock shelters.

Thailand meat trade dogs on trucks

Last year, supporters of Soi Dogs Foundation built a complex of shelters on government-owned land in Buriram to temporarily house the animals, but the Woodward Center says more help is needed.

The center is currently working with the Soi Foundation and the Home 4 the Holidays campaign’s network of 4,000 animal welfare organizations in hopes of receiving assistance in providing the dogs with medical care, foster care and eventual permanent placement.

For more information on Cinderella and Leanne, visit the Helen Woodward Center’s website.

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