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2 Dog Attacks Reported in 12 Hours at El Cajon Mobile Home Park

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The Woodcreek Estates community is nestled next to brushy wilderness along Olde Highway 80, but it’s not wildlife resident Andrew Raclin is worried about.

“They were being timid, not growling. Not showing teeth. I think they were looking for food is my guess,” said Raclin, describing the dogs that attacked him on Monday.

As they walked up his driveway, Raclin got closer to look for a tag or some kind of identification. Then, one lunged at his leg.

“It grabbed and bit my thigh and punctured my thigh,” said Raclin.

He's OK and eventually scared them off. He called both the Department of Animal Services and the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, but agents couldn't do much because the dogs were nowhere to be found. Now he's worried for other families, the elderly and young children in the neighborhood, including his 7 year-old daughter.

“I think it was kind of scary for my dad because it bit him. I still like dogs but I don’t like dogs that are aggressive,” Raclin's daughter said.

Raclin tried to look for the dogs again Tuesday. He couldn't find them, but soon found out they may have never left.

“I didn’t see them this morning but they were back in the neighborhood and they attacked someone else,” he said.

That person was taken to the hospital, but it's unclear how badly they were hurt. It's also unclear if the victim was bitten by the same dog.

Law enforcement officials weren’t able to give us details, but with two alleged attacks, the property management company sent out a note to warn everyone. It stated the company believes the dogs are entering the neighborhood through a nearby creek bed and don’t belong to a resident.

“I don’t blame the dogs, I love dogs. This is a bad owner not doing the right thing and not taking care of their dogs,” said Raclin.

He hopes the owner is located so the dogs are stopped before more people are hurt.

“I think the owner has to like properly train them to be good dogs and the dogs can play with kids and lick them,” said Jennah Raclin.

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