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Two Desert Bighorn Sheep Lambs Explore Their Habitat at San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Two desert bighorn sheep lambs joined their mothers inside their habitat at San Diego Zoo Safari Park Thursday.

The lambs were born to two different mothers on March 19 and March 25, according to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. 

[GALLERY] Two Desert Bighorn Sheep Lambs Come out to Play at San Diego Zoo

On Thursday, they could be seen showing off their climbing and jumping abilities as they played in their habitat at Condor Ridge.

“These little girls are thriving. They are nursing well and, within a few days of their birth, were climbing, jumping and running around their exhibit," said Karla Nielsen,a keeper at the safari park. "They’re able to be very sure-footed on the rough terrain in their habitat, as their outer hooves are shaped to snag and grab onto rocky surfaces—and the bottom of each foot is soft, giving them the ability to grip.”

According to the zoo, bighorn sheep, an endangered species, can be found in the desert range of several states, including California, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado. The population has decreased over the years due to compeition from domestic animals for food and water and poaching, the zoo said.

Their large brown horns are the distinctive feature--males tend to have more curved ones.

Visitors at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park can see the bighorn sheep at the Condor Ridge.

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