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2 Homeless Men Found Dead Outside Store in Otay Mesa Strip Mall

Investigators say they are considering the crime a double homicide at this time.

San Diego police are investigating a double homicide after two men were found dead Wednesday morning outside a store in an Otay Mesa strip mall.

The men were found at approximately 2:45 a.m. at the CVS shopping center at the intersection of Palm Avenue and Beyer Way. 

A patrol officer was doing a routine check of the area when he noticed there was no movement from the two men.

A power washer nearby saw the men laying outside the store but believed they were sleeping, police said.

"I went there to ask them to move, so I could pressure wash, you know. They didn't move, just like any other person who is sleeping. They don't want to leave," said the man, who only wanted to be identified as Miguel.

Both men suffered "visible trauma" according to Lt. Mike Holden.

Police said both men were known to sleep at the plaza. 

The deaths are considered to be suspicious and homicide investigators say they are considering the crime a double homicide at this time.

NBC 7 spoke to a military veteran who said he comes to the plaza every morning to give out food and coffee to the homeless people. He said he knew the two men and that they always slept outside that store.

"When they get up, they ask for lose change so they can ride in the trolley," said volunteer Ed Coluna. "We were nice to those people, that's why we are concerned."

Coluna added that one of the men had mental health issues and was on medication.

Investigators have not identified the men but described them as white men, ages 56 and 61.

No cause of death has been released.

No one is in custody.

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