2 Arrested in Carlsbad Attempted Robbery

A manhunt was launched using police in the air and on the ground

A North County shopping center full of holiday shoppers was the location of a manhunt Sunday, after police say a man tried to rob someone at gunpoint in front of one store.

Shopper Michael Haas saw close to a dozen patrol cars and a police helicopter in the air when he went to North County Plaza around 2:30 p.m.

He described seeing police on the ground and a police helicopter in the air.

According to Carlsbad police, they arrested two people after one man tried to rob someone of gunpoint in front of the Marshalls.

The suspect took a display item and got away, sparking a manhunt from the air and on the ground.

Officers caught up with the man and a suspected accomplice approximately three miles away at the Chevron on Tamarack Avenue.

"Sometimes desperation brings out the best in people and the worst in people," Haas said. "You have some people who are just desperate and they don't care who they hurt or what they do."

Police said their officers will keep a high profile in the shopping center over the next few shopping days.

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