2 Arrested for Vehicle Theft After Failing to Return U-Haul

A woman rented the U-Haul over a month ago, but never returned it

Two people arrested in a casino parking lot in Alpine Friday afternoon rented a U-Haul over a month ago, but failed to return it, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department says.

Kimberly White, 47, and Salomon Saenz, 60, were arrested after an Alpine Deputy patrolling the parking lot located the stolen U-Haul truck that White rented.

With the assistance of casino security, White and Saenz were located and arrested for vehicle theft.

Saenz was also charged with possession of a controlled substance.

In the back of the truck deputies found suspected stolen property.

Alpine detectives responded to the scene and are in the process of locating the owner of the property, which included mail, credit cards and gift cards.

The investigation is ongoing.

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