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$195K Going Once, Twice ...

State schools would receive lottery money if unclaimed



    $195K Going Once, Twice ...
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    A winning El Cajon lottery ticket worth more than $195,000 could soon become school property if it remains unclaimed, the California Lottery announced Monday.

    The ticket, which hit numbers 8, 32, 31, 11 and 12 but missed Mega Number 29, was sold five months ago at Lakeside Shell at 13538 Camino Canada.

    The $195,910 ticket will expire June 19.

    MEGA Millions winners have 180 days to claim their prize, or the unclaimed funds are transferred to California schools.

    Statistically, claiming the ticket is supposed to be the easy part.

    The probability of successing picking all five non-Mega Numbers is 1/3,819,816. The odds of hitting those five numbers with the Mega Number are 1/175,711,536.

    The California Lottery instructs winners to sign the back of their ticket, put it in a safe place and contact Lottery officials or visit a Lottery District Office as soon as possible.