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19 Surrender in SWAT Standoff



    19 Surrender in SWAT Standoff
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    Shots rang out just after midnight in El Cajon, followed by screams. The police department received about ten 911 calls.

    “I was inside the apartment at the time that it happened. We were looking outside the window, opened the door and heard the screams,” said resident Jeff Winter, who heard five gunshots. “A lot of families here that are pretty scared.”

    When officers arrived at 1191 North Cuyamaca early Monday morning, they found an injured man, covered in blood, walking along the street.

    “He looked pretty dazed. He just walked down the street,” said Winter, who also saw the man.

    The man told officers he had been stabbed and beaten and the party. He was transported to a hospital.

    Outside the residence, officers found shell casings. According to neighbors there was a party going on there Sunday night.

    “We could tell that there were individuals inside but they refused to come out,” said Lt. Tim Henton. “We were concerned that the suspects who had fired the gun were inside the residence.”

    Police says there was at least one child inside the home. SWAT officers were called.

    “Maybe they thought we were going to go away. Once the SWAT team got out there, they pulled up in the armor car and someone came to the door,” Lt. Henton said. “As soon as the SWAT team showed up, people started coming to the door.”

    At around 6 a.m., officers detained 19 people from inside the home. Police say they came out without resistance and no shots were fired.

    “We will be conducting a search for weapons related to the shooting,” Lt. Henton said.

    Several neighboring units were evacuated in case there was additional gunfire.

    Winter says it’s not the first time there has been trouble at this home.

    “There was a huge party there two weeks ago. There was a stabbing someone got taken off by ambulance,” Winter said.

    Police did not find any gunshot victims during the search.