18-Year-Old Woman Pleads Not Guilty to Charges in Connection to Murder of Homeless Man

Hailey Suder, 18, was arraigned for two-counts of "accessory after the fact" in the murder of George Lowery.

An 18-year old from Santee was arraigned Monday for two-counts of "accessory after the fact" for the murder of a homeless man back in April.

Hailey Suder is the third person charged in George Lowery’s death. Brothers Austin Mostrong, 20 and Preston Mostrong, 19, had previously been arrested and charged with murder.

Two Santee brothers were in custody, accused of murder, torture, robbery and kidnapping in a beating that ultimately took a homeless man’s life, San Diego County Sheriff’s Department officials said. NBC 7’s Artie Ojeda reports.

Lowery, 50, was found by his wife, beaten and unconscious in the riverbed just west of Chubb lane and N. Magnolia Avenue in Santee. He was taken to the hospital and declared brain-dead.

He died of his injuries five days later.

Suder was arrested on Thursday and accused of being present during Lowery’s beating and helping the Mostong brothers escape.

On Monday, she made her first appearance in court and pleaded not-guilty to the charges in his death.

Lowery's wife and daughter are still stunned that teenagers could be responsible for such a heinous crime

“I didn't even get to say goodbye,” Lowery’s daughter, Katey Torres said, with tears in her eyes.

Torres said Lowery was unconscious and unresponsive during the five days he was in the hospital.

The lake where Lowery was found was his favorite hangout spot, according to his wife Penny. He would spend time fishing in the lake in the past.

“His favorite spot was the place where he was murdered,” Penny said.

According to his wife and daughter, Lowery had tackled Austin Mostrong the week before he was killed for shooting paintballs at a homeless man. They believe Mostrong’s motive behind beating Lowery might have been because of that incident.

NBC 7’s Rory Devine reports on the beating death of George Lowery, a homeless man living in Santee. His wife told NBC 7 that her husband was killed in retaliation over the confiscation of a paintball gun.

“All three of them were present. Hailey was there the whole entire time,” Torres said.

She believes the charges against Suder were not enough because the 18-year old did not do anything to stop the brothers from beating Lowery.

“I have no idea why they did it, I just know that it was cruel and he shouldn't have gone that way because he was such a nice person, you know. He would have done anything for anybody,” Penny said.

Both mother and daughter wear necklaces with Lowery’s ashes inside.

“This is part of our dad,” Torres said.

Suder has a preliminary hearing on July 5. Her bail is set at $100,000.

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