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Undecided Voters Must Love Dogs

The fate of Prop. 30 is in the paws of Gov. Jerry Brown’s dog Sutter



    Undecided Voters Must Love Dogs
    Jayna McLeod
    A group of corgi-lovers joined together to meet Sutter Brown, Gov. Jerry Brown's Welsh corgi.

    Can one dog change the trajectory of a proposition?

    Gov. Jerry Brown is handing over the reins of his school tax measure Proposition 30 to his Welsh Corgi, Sutter Brown. Sutter will be touring the state, with an afternoon stop at San Diego’s Democratic Unity Campaign office.

    Support for the measure has been dropping slightly over the past month. Thursday’s Field Poll found that 48 percent of voters like the measure, while 38 percent oppose it.

    The remaining 14 percent are undecided. This means any last-minute campaigning could be vital to the passage of Prop. 30. Watch: SD Fact Check Prop 30

    In addition to Prop. 30 advocates, a corgi meet-up group showed up at the Democratic Unity Campaign office not necessarily for political reasons, but more "to support Sutter," said Jayna McLeod, a designer at USD.

    "I do support Prop. 30 because I use our schools, I go to city college, I take classes there and I know our schools need the money. And corgis care about schools," McLeod said laughingly.

    Proposition 30 would increase income taxes on Californians who make more than $250,000 per year. It would also increase the sales tax by a quarter percent in the state.

    The revenue generated from the measure will be placed in the state’s general fund to close a $6 billion state budget gap. A certain amount is dedicated to schools and public safety.

    If the measure fails, $6 billion in automatic budget cuts will take effect.

    Proposition 38, the rival school tax measure that would earmark income tax increases for early education, has 34 percent in favor compared to 49 percent against, the field poll found.

    Gov. Brown will be in San Diego Monday, the day before elections, to campaign for Prop. 30.

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