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150 Cos. Launched by UC San Diego Rady School of Management Students and Alumni Since 2006

Today, 50 percent of students who have graduated from the UC San Diego Rady School of Management are running a successful startup company

Since the UC San Diego Rady School of Management graduated its first MBA class in 2006, the school's students and alumni have started 150 companies, the school announced Thursday.

"The Rady School's approach is to support startups from ideation and development to the successful launch and growth of a company," said Robert S. Sullivan, the school's dean.

Fifteen percent of the students who have graduated from Rady are operating a successful startup company, Sullivan added.

Industries in which students and alumni are operating startups include biotech, technology, consumer products, medical devices, healthcare and consulting, according to the school.

Startups run by Rady students and alumni - more than 70 percent of which remain in San Diego - raised more than $75 million in financing in the first half of 2017, the school said.

Among the companies that make up the list of 150 include wearable device company Aira, founded by Suman Kanuganti, who graduated from the MBA program in 2014.

Aira, which uses remote assistive technology to help visually impaired individuals, has raised more than $12 million. Aira was selected to participate in the EvoNexus incubator program.

Silvia Mah, who graduated in 2010, runs HeraLabs, a San Diego-based business accelerator for women. The program has grown to include an angel investing program and a fund to support growing companies. 

Dr. Jon Wilensky and engineer Ryan Ruehl, who will graduate from Rady this year and in 2018, respectively, run startup Braykion, a digital health company that employs wearable devices and uses machine learning in an effort to stop the spread of infections in hospital settings. The company won UC San Diego's Entrepreneur Challenge, and is currently in the EvoNexus incubator. The startup also was admitted into the CONNECT Springboard program.

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